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AmzSquad has designed the Exit Accelerator Program for Amazon FBA sellers who believes there is potential to scale their business 2-3x before making an exit. This Program help you find ways to increase your sales on Amazon, reduce your expenses and increase your valuation multi-fold.

Most Amazon Sellers don’t know how to exit

AmzSquad helps you prepare for the best possible exit by designing and implementing a customized program for you. The sales process tends to go smoothly when a seller has taken an adequate amount of time to prepare for the sale. Our Exit Accelerator program prepares you to exit smoothly

Drive Revenue

You will learn proven methodologies and best practices to further increase the revenue of your Amazon FBA business.

Reduce Cost

We will share effective and proven techniques to reduce the COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), advertising spend & other variable costs

Increase Profit

If you are able to grow your revenue by 5% and reduce your cost by 5% , then your will profit will go up by 15%. I’m not kidding :)

Here are some of the main factors driving value in your Amazon FBA business:

  • Your earnings: What is the annual net profit of your business? If you haven’t been keeping extensive financial records of your business, there could be some major hiccups in the selling process. A 12-month track record is considered standard.
  • Documentation: Is your business adequately systematized? Are all tasks and procedures documented? Handing over your business to the new owner will prove much easier if people’s responsibilities and tasks are clearly laid out for the buyer.
  • Legal factors: Are there any potential trademark or copyright-infringement issues? There’s a good chance a buyer will walk away from the deal if he or she detects a potential legal minefield.

Learning how to value your Amazon FBA business is an invaluable process for business owners. In this way, you can get inside the heads of your prospective buyers and be aware of what they’re looking for as they assess your business from every angle. Putting yourself in their place can help you create a more saleable business and earn more from the transaction.

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