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AmzSquad has designed the Exit Planning Program for Amazon FBA sellers who aim to exit from the business at some point of time. This Program help you structure your business in such a way that its ready to get acquired instantly.

Most Amazon Sellers don’t know how to exit

Its very difficult to time the launch of a successful business. However, one can plan for an opportune time to exit an FBA business. AmzSquad team will help you identify the right timing and the right buyer to exit the business at maximum valuation.

Right Timing

Timing is everything in business. Right timing is even more crucial when you are selling a business. I am sure you have seen that in housing market. Same logic works here.

Right Valuation

FBA businesses are valued at some multiple of last 12 months of revenue. We will share the best practices to help you increase the multiple as well as last 12 month revenue.

Right Buyer

Only right buyer will pay the right price your FBA business. It can be a brand aggregator, strategic buyer or any private equity player. You need to know the traits of the right buyer.

How Your Amazon Business Is Valued?

Your business will be valued by the trailing 12 month monthly profit average times by a multiplier, typically between 36 and 60. For example, if your average monthly profit over 12 months is $30,000, your business could be valued anywhere between $1,080,000 and $1,800,000 using the multipliers of 36 and 60 respectively. However many factors come into play when determining which multiplier the buyer will use to value your business, but there are certain things that are in your control that can positively influence it. A solid team in place, clear SOP’s, diversified SKU range, simple operations, powerful and trademarked branding; these are just a few examples that can improve your multiplier. Of course, it can get quite complex. You will get answers to all these questions and much more during our Exit Planning Program.

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