How can you ensure my privacy?

You should be able to sell your Amazon FBA brand and business without the whole world knowing the particulars. That’s why every party who gets involved in your deal must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving any of your confidential business information. If your business is already popular, we’ll take additional steps to keep your information private.

How long does it take to sell my business?

Every FBA brand is different, and the duration it takes to sell yours depends upon various factors like seller preparedness, the size of the deal, and the involvement of SBA lending or aggregators. In most cases, we will receive various buyer interests within a week, and the average deal gets 3-5 offers. Generally speaking, small transactions typically take 1-2 months while larger transactions will take 3-6 months.

Will I get my asking price?

We take an approach to valuations that’s data-driven and market-wise. We do not establish a price based on wishful thinking, but instead take a seasoned look at several different variables including the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise. We estimate the current market valuation of your Amazon FBA business based on the industry trends and your objectives. You will never be forced to take a very low offer or any offer that does not meet your preferences. Based on past deals, we can confidently quote that around 3 out of 4 deals are completed above the initial listing price.

Which advisor will be representing my business?

To be fair, it does not matter as all our consultants brings more expertise to the table compared to many of our competitors can claim to their whole companies. All our consultants are entrepreneurs who’ve been in your shoes. Most of them are serial entrepreneurs who built, bought and sold many business during there long careers. Our staff is small, but it’s seasoned. You will find individual attention along with the collective wisdom of our global team.

How long is your exclusive engagement letter?

Some entrepreneurs fret about getting locked into a long exclusive involvement period using a broker, however our arrangement typically ranges from 2-4 months with success based fees.

Who will buy my Amazon FBA business?

There are various types of buyers depending upon the size of business, objectives and strategy. Brand aggregators are quite active in last few years and they have apatite to buy large number of FBA business.

How do I get my money from the buyer?

This will depend on deal structuring which will include upfront cash payout, hold-out and earn-out amount. Once the Asset Purchase Agreement is signed, buyer will transfer the funds to an escrow service and seller will receive those funds once all the assets are transferred satisfactorily.

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